Why Cherob Antiques?

My business Cherob Antiques is named after my parents, Cherry and Robin, they started this all back in the 1980s, mainly as a hobby, they were avid collectors themselves. I was always interested in what they were doing, I was studying Business Studies at University in London at that time and I loved helping them out every now and then. When my father passed away in 1999 I decided to start the business up as a full time job, with my Mum. I started selling on eBay in 1999 and 90% of my customers were based in North America. I have had the shop in the Amsterdam Antiques Centre since September 2001.

My passion is for ceramics, mostly Dutch and European. My speciality is Gouda and Delft ceramics, Delft tiles, Art Nouveau tiles, (Dutch) commemorative memorabilia and I am interested in many more things, particularly Art Deco porcelain and glass but also antiques in general.

“Every day is different in the life of an antiques dealer.”

My mantra is this, I deal with people the way I like to be dealt with. Your order is valuable to me, be it for $50 or $5000, I value repeat customers and I have built up a huge network.

If you are looking for a specific item please let me know, I like searching things out for people.

I look forward to your order, cheers,